My five must DO’s for each class

1. Organic products when possible

As I’m the one buying the products for your class, I have made a commitment to myself to feed you what I would feed my family, so whenever is possible, the ingredients that are use in the class are organic and free range. I buy the best products I find around my area.

2. Buying Local and supporting small businesses

Supporting all the local businesses around my area is something that I love to do. I’m very lucky to live in a neighbourhood where I have a great organic butcher just around the corner and amazing fresh produce no far from my house. So all the ingredients we use in the classes come from those places, who share my food ideology. 

3. Supporting Mexican business

I’m fully committed to help all the Mexican business in the UK that sell Mexican ingredients and share my view to offer high quality of Mexican products. So I only buy my Mexican products from them. Supporting my fellow Mexicans is very important for me.

4. Plastic Free when possible

It takes decades to biodegrade and we are very aware that plastic molecules from packaging can leach into food, potentially compromising our health. I’ve always ensure to use containers that can be recycled.

5. Food Waste

I enjoy food and I hate wasting it. I have very little food waste but any waste I do produce, I take it to be recycled.

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