Salsa Super Macha + Macha Pack


Home made Mexican salsa macha. Very popular amongst Mexicans.

Refrigerate once opened

(Buy up to 5 salsas for the same delivery cost)

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Buy both, save £1!

A Salsa Macha is a Mexican chilli oil, made with a blend of dried Mexican chillies and sesame seeds. Very popular amongst Mexicans.
Medium heat for people that love spicy food.
Can be add to anything, from soups, eggs, broths, tacos, anything you want.

Get both the spicy and extra spicy versions

I made my Salsa Macha with care and love in my kitchen and it would add an extra layer of flavour to any dish.

Refrigerate once opened


Ingredients Salsa  Super Macha: Morita chilli, canola oil, garlic, salt, sesame seeds

Ingredients Salsa Macha: Ancho chilli, guajillo chilli, morita chilli, onion, canola oil, garlic, salt, sesame seeds & pumpkin seeds




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